Februari 26, 2012

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't have)

Judul Buku : Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't have)
Penulis : Sarah Mlynowski
ISBN : 978-0-06-170124-5
Harper Collins Publisher

Ten things that i have found in this book :

  1. Imagine 2 girls +1 house - the parents! it is chaos but it is really fun!
  2. Unless suddenly you have to start learning to cook, shop and take care of your financial things.
  3. Unless your boyfriend cheat you with another girl!
  4. But still, no parents is… what we should name that? hmm..  cool!! And you can have your own party!
  5. Hang on, You should be aware of the police patrol on duty to handle the noise from your party.
  6. Sometimes we need to 'move on'.
  7. Maybe we need to get into a dangerous problem to awaken and grown us up.
  8. You will not want to give your virginity away to someone, because it is dangerous!
  9. "People found running to something easier than running from something."
  10.  4 stars for the cover, the plot, and the Hudson!
The plot was a bit slow at the beginning of the story. But the author can make the reader still enthusiast by inserting some flashbacks story in it. Many moral messages conveyed on this story. Strong characterizations and fairly complete for many prominent story, the language is simple and easy to understand, and close to the life of a typical teenager. And the ending is also quite a sweet story. :)
7 komentar on "Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't have)"
  1. Wow, sounds good book.
    Where did you find the ebooks for this kind of book? :D

  2. eits. I sent By DM on Twitter, Ok? :D

  3. font blog-nya lutjchuwh (baca: lucu),, hhe..
    apa namanya ini dan dpt dr mana? ",

  4. eh, aku nggak tau nama font blognya, kayaknya udah satu paket sama blognya deh.. *gaptek

  5. ohoho gt..
    klo boleh th, template-nya pesen khusus or nemu (hasil searching2)?

  6. heheh, cari di google image. XD
    Keywordsnya : free dark blogspot template *kalo ga salah :)

  7. :p

    ahaha, lucky you... template-nya unik, unyu-unyuuu


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